Before establishing his life in Brazil and becoming a reference in design of customer jewelry, Fabrizio Giannone studied geology and gemology in Italy, his country of birth. His soul of an artist and the natural sensitivity for art, added along his trajectory diverse knowledge on architecture, sacred geometry, visionary art and the appropriate and eco sustainable use of natural materials. 

But it was when he got in touch with the Brazilian stones, which would become his passion, that his creation process developed a big tune with the female audience, bringing together in his collections the best of Italian elegance and the Brazilian femininity. Through exclusive cuts, Fabrizio deepens every day more in his studies, collections and love for design.

Since 1990, are launched from his studio in São Paulo to 19 stores throughout Brazil and 7 abroad  - New York, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Aruba -  collections that enchant, seduce, deepen and expand a relationship with an elegant and very special audience, which finds in the artists accessories the charm and the essential complement to the best occasions.